Fabric Care Guide

Our timeless Celebration and Party Clothing is designed and lovingly created by us in the UK.   

About | Dawn Clarke Designs

Clothes Made To Last

Dawn’s a passionate believer that clothing is made to last, a new heirloom, as an antidote to the mass-produced clothes that end up in landfill every year.

To help this our dresses and accessories are created from natural and unique fibres which come in many different textures and finishes. Some silks have slubs, irregularities and variations in shades or even weave, which are common to this natural fabric. They’re all characteristics of the finest silk yarn, to be cherished, in the knowledge that you have something unique. 

We want your Dawn Clarke Design garment to stand the test of time and as detailed on the labels of our clothing, our recommendation for silk fabric is DRY CLEAN ONLY.  We don’t recommend machine or hand washing. After all, such a special piece of clothing deserves the greatest attention from a professional dry cleaner!

Fabric Care Guide | Dawn Clarke Designs
Fabric Care Guide | Dawn Clarke Designs

More Puff Please

If you notice that the puff of the netting on the skirt has reduced, they may need more puffing!  To do this, gently tease  the layers of netting apart from each other with your fingers, to give the dress maximum puff and impact!

Technical Quality

The finest silk yarn is to be cherished and whilst the tensile strength of most silk is extremely high, it cannot be expected to provide the same technical performance standards as achieved with synthetic fibres.   

Light – please be mindful that the clothing should be kept away from sunlight and fluorescent light, as the fabric will fade. Low light levels are preferable for storage.  

Heirloom Storage 

Moist air (over 60% humidity), lack of air circulation and warmth encourages, stains, mold and deterioration and lofts/attics and basements provide great differences in humidity levels which are to be avoided. If you are wishing to keep your garment as an heirloom, please don’t store the garment in a polythene or plastic as this can trap humidity and result in mildew.  We recommend storing flat wrapped in acid free tissue paper, changed annually and placed in a cardboard box with a fitted lid. If you’ve purchased a garment from us we will happily provide you with some acid free tissue paper, please feel free to contact us. 

Fire Retardancy 

As detailed in the label sewn on the garment please keep safe. Always keep the garment away from fire.